No Sleep in the City (March)

Dear Reader, 

I went to Paris again in March. And (surprise!) took more photos. I did another black and white series. I really did fall in love with that city. If you are sick of my black and white photos of Paris, I quite frankly don’t care. I will fawn all I want. 

I have always loved giant clocks. They’re so ominous yet ridiculous if that makes sense.


Sophie and I went to a big department store called Printemps. It was so so big and smelled like expensive perfumes and silk. And look how cool the chandeliers were.


The Vogue Café. 


In the Orsay museum, we found a beautiful, beautiful room that was golden and ornate and essentially the ballroom in Beauty and the Beast. And there was no photography allowed. But I didn’t let that stop me from taking this crooked photo because one, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie, and two, it was one of the most stunning places I had ever been. The reason it is so lopsided is because I was terrified of being caught by the security guard whose head makes an appearance at the bottom. Timing was key. 


It looks like the buildings are tilted.
Yes. I did witness a proposal on the bridge of love. And yes this photo is in my I’m having a bad day folder on my computer. I mean how perfect. 
Friday night.
An art exhibition in the Palais de Tokyo Modern Art Museum (Palace of Tokyo). 
When I was in Paris in March, Fashion Week was going on and there was a fashion show in the Palais de Tokyo the same time I was there. There was apparently a Diane von Furstenburg sighting 10 minutes before I went in. (Still bitter.) I attempted to subtly take a photo of all the fashionable people but forgot that my flash was on. So that was fun. I received some glares.
Just the cutest letter ever in the Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore. I hope she finds her husband soon. 
We came across the cutest little street band just outside of the Marais. They were all wearing hats. 
Un soir au théâtre. A night at the theatre.
XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress
P.S. Listen to this song: Hozier – Take Me To Church
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We Are The Blood (February Part 2)

Dear Reader,

Some more black and white photos from my weekend trip to Paris with Sophie.

Looking at this photo makes me happy I can’t really explain it. I think it has something to do with the fluorescent bulbs and the way two of the horses are blurred but the rest are in focus. 


I really like this combination of a Flower sign and an Optometrist sign for some reason.


There was something so beautiful about the way these striped chairs were lined up just so and the way the overhang was fluttering. And I love name of the cafe. Esmeralda. How lovely is that word. I don’t know I just loved this.


We got brunch.
On t’aime, Paris. (We love you Paris.)
The good ol’ Centre Pompidou. This photo isn’t in black and white, because my art history teacher told us that the reason the underside of the escalators is red is because the people are like the blood of the building. « We are the blood, » he said.
Out the window of the escalator. It was raining. 
Sophie and I put a lock on the bridge of love. A conversation we had later in the hotel room:
Me: There’s an article that says that bridge is going to implode soon because of too many locks.

Sophie: but our lock will still be attached
Me: Sophie, that’s beautiful.

Friday night was so great.
And then a separate occasion in February that warrants a nod – Valentine’s Day or Galentines Day as we called it. It was my friend Ruth’s birthday and we all went to dinner. It was a sweet and amusing night. Oh how I miss these little ones. 
Sophie and I got Ruth a book of Pablo Neruda love poems when we were in Paris. She flipped the book open to a random page and read a poem. It was this one I’m pretty sure (I searched for 20 minutes online to find it).
The Queen

“I have named you queen.
There are taller than you, taller.
There are purer than you, purer.
There are lovelier than you, lovelier.
But you are the queen.

When you go through the streets
No one recognizes you.
No one sees your crystal crown, no one looks
At the carpet of red gold
That you tread as you pass,
The nonexistent carpet.

And when you appear
All the rivers sound
In my body, bells
Shake the sky,
And a hymn fills the world.

Only you and I,
Only you and I, my love,
Listen to it.”

How beautiful is that? 
XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress
P.S. Listen to this song: The Killers – Read My Mind
P.P.S. Please comment your favorite poem I would love to read it.
Also a year ago today I started this blog. What??!/& And this is also my 50th post. I guess I just wanted to say thank you for reading about the girl in the little black dress even if she doesn’t always make sense. So much love <3 <3 <3
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Until The City Unfurls (February)

Dear Reader,

February 7,8, and 9 I was in Paris with Sophie. I wrote this a while ago, but it basically explains that weekend.

We were so little. Two girls in a huge, fluorescent city. We went to striped cafes and got lost in winding metro tunnels. We looked at art in museums that were too big and bought books in stores that were too small.

On Saturday we went to a Phoenix concert. It was magic. There were red lights and buzzing people and throbbing music. The music was perfect.  Thomas Mars has the voice of an angel. He sang about promises and boys standing outside windows. He sang about Rome and 1901 and breakfast tears. Everything was so loud and when we left my ears were drumming  but my cheeks were blushing and i was happy. (And Chloroform was perfect.)

My favorite Phoenix lyrics (sorry there are so many):

  • why would I lie to you? my love my love my love is cruel
  • die and succeed i say it out loud, but you just don’t care and well well well well well well well… do you know me well?
  • so lonely so pretty far out so far out such a fall out of lonely
  • who’s the boy you like the most? is he teasing you with underage? could he be waving from a tropical sunset? static silhouette somehow. single in his bed someday quiet till it falls falls falls
  • it aint easy to ignore when your shutters are open all the way
  • distant silhouette somehow we shared a cigarette somewhere ashes till it falls, falls, falls
  • i stand outside under broken leaves always and forevermore we’re together dead and lonely
  • burn the avenues until the city unfurls
  • fake riches, obvious tales, on a domestic airline swear to god that you’re mine
  • light a cigarette for two too close to get to how come everyone knows you before they meet you?
  • lie down you know its easy like we did it over summer long
  • don’t worry no i’m not the kind that kiss and tell. no dahlias and cherry trees i don’t recall them anyway
  • look what you wasted when the lights are cutting out and i come down in your room our daily compromise is written in your signed armistice
  • keeping promises for lovers in a rush for lovers always
  • what i once refused to be is everything they long together i’d rather be alone
  • this love’s for gentlemen only
  • tell me that you want me tell me that you want me
  • god bless your mess somewhere we’re sick for the big sun
  • don’t say no your breakfast tears are gone
  • do you remember when 21 years was old?

After the concert we walked all the way up and down the Champs Elysées. Now, that night is just a blur in my head of fur coats, black purses, long long spider legs, hair that dripped down to tiny waists, ripped tights, c’est son anniversaire, il faut que vous partiez, empty-eyed girls and blaring street lights. But I remember we were laughing and our feet were sore and everything was yellow.

We missed the last train and thus discovered the hard way that the Paris Metro stops working at 3am.  We had to hail a cab at Bastille. It took an hour and Sophie almost got run over, but we finally got one. When we got back, it was 4am. We ate candy and listened to Bourgeois in the hotel room.

We fell asleep with our black makeup smeared and our tangled tights dangling off blue beds. Paris was lovely.

Here are some photos of the concert:




From our Friday night walk:



On the first night, we got off the Metro and walked a block and I remember all of a sudden we saw the Eiffel Tower all lit up and glowing, and it looked fake but it wasn’t and we knew it wasn’t and I don’t know I’ll never forget that moment.


My flower Sophie looking lovely.


Me holding onto my phone undoubtedly containing our directions. Smiling cheekily to cover up the fact that we were lost if I remember correctly.


That was one of the best weekends of my life. Sophie and I scribbled Phoenix lyrics in the margins of our notebooks for the rest of the school year.

XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress

P.S. Listen to this song: Phoenix – Chloroform

P.P.S. Sophie, if you are reading this chloroform is not the same as chlorophyll. And before you do absolutely don’t.

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The Snow Globe (January)

Dear Reader,

In January my parents came to visit me and we went to Paris for the winter vacation. I took so many photos but here are some of my favorites.

We found the most beautiful flower stand by the Eiffel Tower.



We saw a broken red bike and I don’t know why but it made me so sad. Look at it.



We went to a Christmas market by the Eiffel Tower. Look how tiny and parallel everything looks. And all the bundled paper people. I don’t know why but this photo makes Paris look like a snow globe or something.


A cliché photo of me feat. Le Tour Eiffel. I would also like to apologize on behalf of my hair. It was raining.


I took a lot of black and white photos because the thing about Paris is that the buildings are so old that if you looked at some of these photos you wouldn’t be able to tell what century they were taken in. And I love that. Anyways here are a few.
A lot of those photos were of rooftops. I couldn’t tell you why.
Look at the woman in the bottom right hand corner. She is such a Parisian. Ugh I miss France.
Enjoy this lovely photo of Syd and I on the bus. I will always remember January 25.
XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress
P.S. Listen to this song: My Mirror Speaks – Death Cab for Cutie
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Cold Hands Warm Heart (December)

Dear Reader,

December was long. It rained almost every day, it was dark all the time, and the bus windows had frost on them. Two of my umbrellas broke, and I had to wear 3 jackets every day. But December was also sweet. It was the getting chocolate covered pears at the Christmas market after school with Sydney. It was an old man sitting across from me on the bus who used his wool sleeve to swirl a circle onto the fogged up bus window for me.  “Tu peux voir maintenant,” (“you can see now”) he told me. It was late nights and red sweaters and curled fingers. December was really okay actually.

The bus schedules were smeared with rain for 31 days.


This was the Christmas market. You had to pay 2 euros to take a photo with Santa but the lights glittering above were magic, and the man working at the crepe stand asked me about California.

And the lights look at them.Unknown-2

After dinner one night my friends and I found this street and all the trees were lit up and the whole street was glowing.
Sophie and I found some fantastic graffiti. Je suis sage femme I am wise woman.
XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress
P.S. Listen to this song: The Postal Service – Turn Around (
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Indigenous Thoughts

Dear Reader,

I seemed to get overall positive feedback from my blurry photo overlays and, as I said, I made a bunch. So please, enjoy more disoriented photos with wistful sayings. Thanks to Mind Body Soul Stylist ( who came up with a perfect name for these things I have been creating, I have decided they will be called my indigenous thoughts.

This quote though.
I think I took this on a Saturday, but the idea is still nice.
This is sappy, but it kind of goes with the one before. And I think I actually took this on a Friday night so that’s fancy.
And they did.
« Lawn inhibited.” I made this woman who looks so rueful into a rebel.
From an 11 pm bus ride in December.
I took this on a boat.
I miss this place so much.
Oh god, this photo makes me so sad. There is only one light on, and I don’t know why, but that really gets me. And shoutout to F. Scott Fitzgerald for understanding how humans work.
I know I already used this photo in an earlier post, but I love it for some reason. And I listened to this song that night so I kind of had to do this.
XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress
P.S. Please do comment your favorite photo. Holy moly I do enjoy making these.
P.P.S. Listen to this song – The Cockroach – Glowbug (
Disclaimer: Disclaimer: All background photos are mine but the layered images were all found on Tumblr and I take no credit. If one of the photos is yours and you want credit or for me to take it down please email me (
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Oh Well

Dear Reader,

I miss France. Ugh. And you know what that means: more of these things. I still don’t know what to call them. Comment if you have a creative name I can use. I’ll give you credit if I end up using yours.
I miss this park so much. And also that quote is important.
When it stopped raining so much and started getting warm again.
Back when it rained all the time. This was taken from Syd’s old bus stop before she moved houses. Her family moved to three different houses in one year. This is from the one with the pink bathroom.
There is something about combinations of blurred lights and blurred people that is
so beautiful to me.
My shadow looked so lonely I added another one.
Knee Socks – The Arctic Monkeys ( This is not a suggestion it is a command. Listen to this song.
I took this the first weekend I was in France.
Yes, I did take a creepy photo of this adorable couple a few months ago. And add an overlay yesterday that says I love you in French. This is my life now I guess.
Oh well.
I don’t really like this one but eh here you go.
Natalie, stop using so many Arctic Monkeys lyrics. No. I won’t. I refuse to stop.
XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress
P.S. Please comment your favorite image I would love to know.
Disclaimer: Disclaimer: All background photos are mine but the layered images were all found on Tumblr and I take no credit. If one of the photos is yours and you want credit or for me to take it down please email me (
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